Welcome to SOAS Connect!

    SOAS Connect is an online community exclusively for SOAS alumni and students. Here you can share contact and career details, expand your professional network and find an alumni mentor or mentee.

  • eMentoring Platform

    The eMentoring platform is designed to help connect SOAS alumni and students around the world so that advice and guidance can be given to alumni and students embarking on their chosen careers. This could be anything from a few emails or checking a CV/application, to meeting face to face or even offering work experience. The idea is that you can donate as much or as little as you can spare to helping those in need of a helping hand at any stage of their careers.

  • Re-connecting

    SOAS Connect allows you to enter your contact details, information about previous and current roles, and your time at SOAS. You can also decide how much of this information you are happy to share with others on the Directory.

  • Map

    This map helps you see where in the world your fellow SOAS alumni are based. This could be useful if you are visiting an area for a holiday, on business, or completely relocating to a new place and keen to connect with others who share your experiences of SOAS!

  • Professional Network

    The Directory lists the job titles and industries of hundreds of SOAS alumni and students. Find a contact in your academic field, your industry, or your country, knowing that they share your experience of studying at SOAS and are happy to hear from other members of the University community.

  • Keeping in Touch

    The Directory is a great starting point if you are trying to get back in touch with an old classmate, or to find someone in your area or in your field of work. It can also be used simply to update the contact details the College holds for you.

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